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Tea Pocket Refills (10)

Tea Pocket Refills (10)

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An array of refills for the original Tea Pocket.

This is a great way to provide optimal scent enrichment and fun! Just like humans, hedgehogs have individual preferences. Each will respond differently to various flavors and smells. The best method to discover your own hedgehog’s favorites, and to keep them engaged, is to use an assortment.

For best results:
≫ Remove string and tag (if present).
≫ Shake each bag before placing it inside the Tea Pocket.
≫ Shake again to revive the scent.
≫ Discard and replace when scent is depleted (or hedgehog loses interest).

All flavors are hedgehog-safe, with no toxic ingredients. (Note: some flavors may be caffeinated; caffeine is not ingested when used inside the Tea Pocket.)

Sold as a set of 10.

Selection is random (includes at least 5 different flavors). Assortment may differ from those in the photo. Most are individually packaged; some brands are not.

● Quantity: 10.
Ready to ship!
● Random flavor assortment.
● For use with Tea Pocket*.

*Refills are provided only for use inside the original Tea Pocket. Uncovered tea bags are easily torn and potentially hazardous. We cannot vouch for the effectiveness or safety of any other product.