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Syringe Feeding Kit

Syringe Feeding Kit

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This kit provides the basic supplies needed for syringe feeding.

Syringe feeding is an at-home method of providing liquid sustenance. It is occasionally necessary for hedgehogs, as a supportive measure during periods of illness or health ailments.

It can be difficult, stressful, and expensive to acquire the correct supplies right when they’re needed. This set allows you to have the necessities on hand in advance, and can be kept stored for an extended period.

• 1ml oral syringe (3)
• 3ml oral syringe (2)
• 3ml pipette (5)
• Pedialyte powder (1 packet)
• Baby food (1 jar)

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Additional information:
≫ Syringes and pipettes are disposable. They can be reused several times if thoroughly cleaned in boiling water.
≫ Pedialyte may be various flavors. 1 packet = 8oz liquid.
≫ Baby food may be various flavors/brands. Simple meat, fruit, or vegetable varieties. 1 jar = 2.5oz (minimum).
≫ Baby food is appropriate for short-term or supplemental use, however, it is not designed as a complete diet. For long-term situations, Carnivore Care is recommended.

Disclaimer: These items are made available for convenience only. They should be used in a supportive context - they are NOT a substitute for professional vet care (including prescribed medication). We are NOT responsible for any individual outcomes.