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Squishion Shag Pillow

Squishion Shag Pillow

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An original Volcano View design, the Squishion (squish cushion) shag pillow is a unique cage accessory for any small pet.

Approximately the size of an adult hedgehog, the Squishion is perfectly cuddly and squishy, making it great for use in the sleeping area or during bonding time. (Hint: this item pairs well with our Splat Mat or Hedgie Hood!)

This pillow can also be used to provide enrichment or reassuring “clutter” in an enclosure or playpen, and even as an interactive foraging toy - small treats can be hidden among the shaggy texture, and it can easily be pushed or tugged around. The microfiber "fingers" are extra cozy and completely safe, with no loose threads or loops that could endanger tiny feet.

Available colors are listed and may occasionally change. If you don’t see a color listed right now, feel free to inquire!

(Note: for the sake of having as much variety as possible, we use several sources for this material. This may result in minor differences in shade, size, or price at any given time. Custom color requests may necessitate extra cost or time.)

All handmade fabric accessories are designed without rough/frayed edges or loose threads, to protect a hedgehog's feet, and high quality materials that hold up through years of use.

● Highly absorbent.
● Machine washable; tumble dry low.
● Approx. 8" x 6" x 4".