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The Hedgigami ("hedgehog" + "origami") is a unique Volcano View original item.

This versatile and convertible 3-in-1 accessory uses snaps to change from a large circular lap blanket into a "basket" or "burrito". It can be used out of the cage for bonding and cuddles, or inside the cage for added comfort or as a hideaway.

The "basket" provides cozy corner nooks and partial coverage to provide a sense of security as well as visibility. It fits comfortably inside plastic hideaways or can be turned over for a hedgehog to burrow underneath. The "burrito" is an ideal shape for a hedgehog to cuddle or sleep inside of, providing an enclosed space that can be entered several ways.

All handmade fabric accessories are designed without rough/frayed edges or loose threads, to protect a hedgehog's feet, and high quality materials that hold up through years of use.

● Cotton/flannel exterior (custom choice).
● Fleece interior (corresponding solid color).
● Machine washable.
● Blanket - approx. 15" diameter.
● Basket - approx. 9" x 9" (interior).

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The Hedgigami featured in the photos is an example - it is not the exact item that you will receive.

This product is made to order according to your custom fabric choice, or selected for you based on any general preferences. If you do not indicate a fabric request, we will use our best judgment.

Please select the appropriate drop-down option (price varies) and include details in the text box. In some cases, specific requests may require additional time to acquire.

For additional assistance with choosing a fabric (including details about the hundreds of prints currently in stock), feel free to contact us after the purchase is completed.

(Although this multi-functional design has "inspired" other sellers, Volcano View proudly introduced this product in April 2017.)