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Bucket Wheel
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Bucket Wheel

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The Volcano View Bucket Wheel is perfect for hedgehogs!

It is currently the ONLY non-commercial hedgehog wheel verified to accommodate ALL sizes - even the largest of hedgehogs (up to 1000g tested so far).

The smooth running surface is safe for little hedgie feet, and the design is superior to store-bought wheels in every way - sturdier, much easier to clean, and absolutely silent.

With the correct upkeep, this bucket wheel can easily last the full lifespan of a hedgehog, and then some.

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Made to order; processing time applies.
• Completely silent!
• Easy to clean.
• Adjustable tilt (forward/back).
• 3 height settings.
• Durable plastic; will not warp.
• Accommodates ALL adult hedgehogs.
• 9 colors.

• Diameter: 11”
• Running width: 5”
• Total height: 12”
• Base: 7”x10”

≫ Volcanic Red
≫ Lava Orange
≫ Autumn Gold
≫ Ever-Green
≫ Pacific Blue
≫ Obsidian Black
≫ Glacier White
≫ Cloudy Grey
≫ Foggy Harbor (translucent white)

(Not all colors may be represented in the listing photos; those in the photos may not all currently be in stock.)

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Every wheel is unique! This product is handmade by a home business, therefore certain details may vary slightly. Minuscule inconsistencies in dimensions, a minor wobble, and scratches/scuffs are not considered “defects” - these are merely cosmetic and do not affect function.

Wheels may have a portion of the printed manufacturer safety info on them.

Like any mechanical device, a little maintenance is sometimes necessary to ensure longevity and ideal function. A detailed maintenance sheet is included with every wheel, for reference information about cleaning, care of the hardware and bearings, and troubleshooting of minor problems that may arise (with a few video links for visual assistance).  We are always available to assist, and can send a copy of the sheet if you misplace it!