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Bonding Bag - Cosmos

Bonding Bag - Cosmos

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The bonding bag is perfect for carrying your hedgehog other small pet. It keeps your hedgehog close for hands-off bonding and socialization, or can be used as a discreet carrier for trips outside the house.

The cozy interior provides a feeling of security, deep enough to discourage them climbing out, while still letting you easily view or pet them. The durable strap can be worn over the shoulder or across the chest. These can also double as sleeping bags within the cage; the strap can be attached to cage bars and hung for pets that enjoy climbing.

All handmade fabric accessories are designed without rough/frayed edges or loose threads, to protect a hedgehog's feet, and high quality materials that hold up through years of use.

Made to order!
● Cotton exterior (small outer space, stars, moon, galaxy, planets).
● Fleece interior (black).
● Machine washable.
● Approx. 10" x 11".
● 30" strap (corresponding color); longer by request.

(Although this simple, effective addition to the standard sleeping bag design has "inspired" many other sellers, Volcano View proudly introduced this product in 2012.)