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Tea Pocket
Tea Pocket
Tea Pocket

Tea Pocket

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The original Tea Pocket provides optimal scent enrichment for a hedgehog.

This is an adorable and practical upgrade compared to disposable store-bought toys. The interior is large enough for a single tea bag, which can be easily removed and replaced as needed. Quality quilting cotton is durable enough for a hedgehog to chew, tug, anoint with, and carry around, while enjoying the various scents and indirect flavors. The sturdy snap closure keeps the tea bag secure and intact.

For best results:
≫ Remove string and tag (if present).
≫ Shake each bag before placing it inside the Tea Pocket.
≫ Shake again to revive the scent.
≫ Discard and replace when scent is depleted (or hedgehog loses interest).

Three (3) assorted hedgehog-safe tea bags are included. Additional refills can be purchased separately.

Selection is random. (Assorted hedgehog print fabrics; not all options are represented in the photos. Alternative themes MAY be available by request.)

Made to order!
● Random hedgehog print.
● Reusable.
● Machine washable.
● Includes 3 tea bags.

(Although it has inspired a trend, and similar concepts are becoming common, Volcano View proudly introduced this product in 2018.)