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Sleeping Bag - Random

Sleeping Bag - Random

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These cozy bags are the perfect sleeping place for a hedgehog or other small pet. The soft texture and ideal size provide a dark, enclosed space that most hedgehogs prefer instead of plastic hideaway options. They are also excellent for use outside the cage, providing a sense of security during bonding time.

All handmade fabric accessories are designed without rough/frayed edges or loose threads, to protect a hedgehog's feet, and high quality materials that hold up through years of use.

● Cotton/flannel exterior (RANDOM).
● Fleece interior (corresponding color).
● Machine washable.
● Approx. 10" x 11".

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So many sleeping bags in stock! Maybe it’s hard to make up your mind, or you’re in the mood for a surprise?

With this purchase option, you will receive a RANDOM sleeping bag, at a discounted price!

Fabric may be any of those listed in our shop, or something else entirely! This varies from basic patterns (polka dots, chevron, etc) to licensed/franchise or hedgehog prints.

Sorry, no general requests! (And no upgrade options.) What you get is what you get!