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Mini Pillow
Mini Pillow
Mini Pillow

Mini Pillow

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Cozy, miniature pillows make a great addition to the cage for a hedgehog, tenrec, or other small pet. They work especially well for extra cushioning in the hideaway or house, and add an interactive element that can be dragged around or cuddled with.

All handmade fabric accessories are designed without rough/frayed edges or loose threads, to protect a hedgehog’s feet, and high quality materials that hold up through years of use.


● Made to order!

● Quantity: 1.
● Cotton/flannel exterior.
● Premium polyester fiber filling.
● Machine washable.
● Approx. 4" x 5" (or similar).

Pillows are made from scrap fabric and therefore customization options are limited. (When ordering 3+, feel free to contact us with a specific in-shop selection.)

General preference can be chosen from the drop-down options, but this is not a guarantee - you may receive a random choice instead.